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  • Lightweight materials: needs at Flemish OEM's 25/02/2015
    The following report has been compiled by SIM after consultation with a number of Flemish OEM’s: “Lightweight materials (composites). Needs at Flemish OEM’s”.The document describes the specific needs and requests with respect to the use of composites by the consulted companies.
  • Agfa Graphics wins Essenscia Innovation Award 14/01/2015
    Agfa Graphics has won the Essenscia Innovation Award with its new generation of low-migration inks.
  • EIT "RawMaterials" with Flemish partners 15/12/2014
    The European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) has approved and started up a new "KIC" (Knowledge and Innovation Community) with the focus on raw materials. An extended network of companies, research and educational centers, including KU Leuven, VITO, Umicore, ULG and CRM are teaming up.