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  • Manfred Curbach @ UGent Labo Magnel 02/02/2016
    Prof. Dr. Manfred Curbach from TU Dresden is visiting Ghent University and will give a presentation about the C³ research project on February 17th at Labo Magnel. See complete news item for more information.
  • Kim Verbeken gets Minerva-Award 05/01/2016
    Kim Verbeken is awarded by UGent and gets a Minerva-Award.
  • Masterclass Data-driven innovation Sirris 21/08/2015
    The Sirris Data Innovation team organises a masterclass 'Data-driven innovation beyond the hype’ on October 7, 10:00 – 16:30 @ Diamant Building in Brussels (Bd. A Reyerslaan 80, 1030 Brussels).
  • Laureates FWO excellence awards 06/07/2015
    The Board of Directors of FWO has announced the five laureates of the FWO Excellence Awards. Every 5 years, an international jury awards five leading scientisist for their research career. The awards are considered the "Flemish Nobel prizes".
  • Yves Van Ingelgem (VUB) MIT Innovator of the Year 02/06/2015
    Yves Van Ingelgem (VUB) has been proclaimed "Innovator of the Year" by the prestigious MIT Technology Review.
  • EIT Raw Materials seeks CLC manager in Leuven 01/06/2015
    The Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) "Raw Materials" is looking for a Co-Location Centre manager in Leuven.
  • Belgian Universities ranking high 18/05/2015
    14 Belgian university degrees are ranked within the top 50 of their field in the QS World University Rankings. KULeuven has 8 degrees in the top 50, UGent and UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain) both have three degrees in the top 50.
  • Self-Healing materials in the spotlight 16/04/2015
    Self-healing materials appear more and more in media. Here are some links to movies and publications on self-healing concrete and polymers.
  • Prof. Terryn in Scientific Advisory Board Max Planck Institute 03/04/2015
    Prof. Herman Terryn (VUB) will serve for six year as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Max Planck Institute (MPEI) in Germany.
  • UAntwerpen Backstage 17.03.2015 03/03/2015
    Antwerp Smart Regio Link (Antwerp.SRL) presents a unique opportunity to go backstage at UAntwerpen on March 17, 2015, to visit innovative laboratories and listen to the breakthrough research of top scientists.