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  • KET-Roadmap 'Advanced Materials in Flanders' 16/12/2014
    In the framework of its Horizon 2020 program, the European Commission has defined 6 Key Enabling Technologies (KETs): Micro- and Nano-electronics, Photonics, Advanced Materials, Industrial Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Advanced Production systems and processes.
  • EIT "RawMaterials" with Flemish partners 15/12/2014
    The European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) has approved and started up a new "KIC" (Knowledge and Innovation Community) with the focus on raw materials. An extended network of companies, research and educational centers, including KU Leuven, VITO, Umicore, ULG and CRM are teaming up.
  • BowerScience Award for Professor Jean-Pierre Kruth 12/11/2014
    Professor Kruth has received the 2015 BowerScience Award, granted by the FranklinInstitute. The Bower Award is an American scientific award with a long tradtion and a very large echo.
  • Congratulations, Em. Prof. Ignaas Verpoest 17/10/2014
    Em. Prof. Ignaas Verpoest has received the "Medal of Excellence in Composites" from the University of Delaware, together with Isaac Daniel and Karl Schulte.
  • Seminars Prof. Carvelli @ KULeuven MTM 13/10/2014
    Professor Valter Carvelli from Politecnico di Milano (Solid and Structural Mechanics) will present a series of seminars in KULeuven MTM in November.
  • Autonomous self-healing material with innovative micro capsules 13/10/2014
    The research group Polymer Chemistry of UGent has developed industrially relevant materials with micro capsules containing innovative glue which can repair damage autonomously in various circumstances. The results were recently published in the renowned journal "Advanced Functional Materials".
  • New UGent technology published in Nature Chemistry 12/09/2014
    At UGent, a new type of so-called "click-chemistry" has been introduced and reported in the current issue of Nature Chemistry in a joint paper by three Ghent research groups led by Filip Du Prez, Veronique Van Speybroeck and Johan Winne.
  • Prof. Herman Terryn wins European Corrosion Medal 2014 11/09/2014
    Professor Herman Terryn from VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) has won the European Corrosion Medal for his outstanding contribution in understanding and preventing corrosion of metals. The award was presented to him at the Euro Corr conference in Pisa earlier this week.
  • Workshop Smart Materials 04/08/2014
    KU Leuven and UGent are organizing a workshop in the field of Smart Materials on Friday September 19th @ UGent (Technologiepark, Zwijnaarde). The current state of the art will be presented and companies are invited to present their activities and vision on future challenges and opportunities.
  • SIM Call 10 approved projects 01/07/2014
    5 projects (four ICON projects and one SBO project) have been approved in SIM Call 10. Read more about these projects in this news item.