What’s in it for me as a researcher or student?

As a researcher or student, working in a SIM research program means being part of a bigger group and building up your network.

As a researcher or student at a knowledge center (university or research center), participating in a SIM program has several advantages:

  • Your research is part of a larger program, which has more critical mass than a separate project. Since your research is part of the industrial roadmap of the program, the ultimate objectives and applications are tangible and real.
  • Networking opportunities: you meet a lot of other researchers from different disciplines and organizations, as well as people from relevant industrial players. Such contacts with industry can offer you career opportunities after finishing your academic research, or could result in new spin-offs or bilateral projects. In some cases, you can work part time at one of the companies involved, thereby gaining direct experience in an industrial environment. Meeting up with researchers from other disciplines puts you on the crossroads of technology domains, where real innovation can happen.
  • SIM organizes events where you can present the results of your work to a wider audience.