About SIM-Flanders


SIM Mission Statement

SIM contributes to the competitive position of the materials industry in Flanders by means of:

  1. strengthening the scientific base and building technology platforms in relevant areas, and
  2. by generating an open innovative environment for close collaboration between industry & academia

Therefore we do

  • Focus on world class, demand driven precompetitive materials research
  • Focus on a limited number of research themes: innovative materials technology for applications in energy, in durable structural materials and recyclable materials.
  • Developing Nanotechnology and Advanced Modelling and Characterization Technologies as important enablers.
  • Maximize interaction between industry and knowledge centers within the research programs in which the projects are executed in an open innovation environment.
  • Install unique technology platforms with scientific excellence with increased valorization potential in different market sectors.

Therefore we organize SIM as

  • A non-profit organization
  • A virtual research center supporting existing research groups
  • A strategic research center governed by industry and academia

See also: the SIM Corporate Governance Charter.

SIM Flanders