Research Themes

SIM research themes
By mapping the Flemish landscape of materials research and industry, a number of themes were defined where the industrial activities in Flanders regarding materials can be strengthened by setting up strategic research platforms. All SIM programs fit within the scope of these research themes.

SIM Themes

  • Durable & Sustainable Structural Materials

    Three domains were identified in this theme to match the interest and specialization of material related industry and research organizations in Flanders: hybrid structural materials, high performance Multi-functional structural materials and sustainable processes.

  • Materials for Energy & Light

    Energy generation, storage and use is one of the main challenges for the future of Europe, therefore also of Flanders. In the SIM framework, strategic focus is on the following topics: harvesting of energy with photovoltaics, energy conversion with fuel cells and energy storage with batteries.

  • Predictive Modeling and Advanced Characterization

    Materials and products become increasingly more complex. More different materials become available each year, resulting in endless combination possibilities for applications and functionalities. Basic knowledge, using detailed material characterization and modeling, is needed more than ever.

  • Recyclable Materials

    Recycling is a process to change waste into new products to prevent waste of useful materials and to reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials. As products become increasingly more complex in design and functionalities, recycling becomes more difficult and the need for research increases.

  • Tailored Nanomaterials

    The nanotechnology revolution essentially consists of the ability to control material features on the nanometer length scale. To see the economic impact of these new abilities, the basic science of nanotechnology requires continuous development and improvement.