What’s in it for my company?

There are several reasons why participating in a SIM research program can be beneficial for your company:

  • Participating in a research program as a company puts you in the front row to be informed about the project results. You also have a seat in the Steering Committee of the program.
  • When you submit a project proposal within a program, you can count on the support and experience of the program manager and the academic partners involved.
  • All research at universities and research centers in SBO and ICON projects is 100% funded by SIM, minimizing the risk associated with precompetitive research. This way mid- to long-term research for high risk/high potential subjects comes within reach also for smaller organizations.
  • A company can join a program without actively participating in the research at first. However, this company should be committed to participate (actively and financially) in a later project to contribute to the industrial roadmap of the program. You should also be aware that there is a yearly program contribution to be paid for participating in a program, even if you do not yet have an active role to play.
  • SIM facilitates in bringing parties together and aims at strengthening the materials network in Flanders by organizing networking events