Interreg Project 3D4MED

Development of personalized 3D implants in new shape-memory polymer materials to improve patient care


After many years of technological development, 3D printing has shown its usefulness in the tissue engineering sector. Since the first prothesis printed in 1999 or the first blood vessel in 2010, the range of applications enabled by this technology in combination with polymers is promising.

3D4MED’s objective is to develop innovative 3D matrices for tissue engineering in order to rebuild, regenerate or replace the function of defective tissues or organs. Innovation lies both on the preparation of individualized implants with complex geometry fostering cell colonization and tissue integration and the formulation of new biocompatible shape-memory polymers minimizing mechanical trauma and immune rejection during and after the implantation.



To meet the needs of tissue engineering, 3D4Med is a collaboration constituting academic research groups, university hospitals and SMEs active in transdisciplinary research covering materials science, tissue engineering and medicine.

3D4Med gathers a cross-border partnership in the Interreg program France-Wallonia-Flanders which involves major stakeholders in the field that will work closely together with a focus on areas of personalized (bio)mechanical solutions with minimal inflammatory issues.


For more information, contact Prof. Sandra Van Vlierberghe.

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