A potential of area for innovation in Flanders requires controlling and tailoring nanoparticle-based or nano-modified particle based materials.

Before a successful end product based on nanotechnology is obtained several processing steps have taken place for which important control tools do not exist yet. The extremely small scale of nano-dispersions in liquids or hard matrices require new tools to disperse and to monitor the dispersion are needed. Since surface energy in nano-dispersion in very important due to the high ratio of surface area to volume, surface modification of nanoparticles or nano-functionalization of conventional particles and fibres are two important areas for research.

Following specific questions are addressed : how can we quantify the degree of dispersion on nanoscale, how can the nanoparticles be dispersed effectively, how can we modify dry nanoparticles, how can dry particles and fibers be nano-functionalized ? 

The output of the horizontal research program TRAP should contribute to the valorization objectives of the vertical programs SHE, NANOFORCE and STREAM.


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Name Start date Duration Status
FUNC (SBO) 01/08/2014 48 months Ended
INSITU (SBO) 01/08/2014 48 months Ended