last updated 17/01/2019


The INSITU SBO project is about methodologies for characterizing nanoparticle suspensions during processing.

A first goal is to develop a tools to characterize the state of dispersion in a polymeric matrices and in high concentrations during processing, using rheology, scattering methods, dielectrics and thermal analysis.

A second goal is assessing the energy efficiency of different in-line dispersing methods like jet-milling, combination of static mixing and impact flows, and potentially electric fields.

A third objective is developing characterization tools for thin films or deposits during a drying/coating/sintering operation.  Crack formation and other surface defects are currently unsolved problems for nano-particle based coatings.

In-situ and time-resolved tools like in-situ stress measurements, laser light and X-Ray scattering, microscopy and porosimetry will be developed for different stages of a coating operation. 

Research Program overview

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