Recyclable Materials

Recycling is a hot topic nowadays. Recycling is a process to change waste into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials and to reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials. Other advantages of recycling are to reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution (as a result of incineration of waste) and water pollution (from landfilling). 

The conventional recyclable materials are: paper, glass, metals, some types of plastics, textiles and (partly) electronics. However, as materials and products become increasingly more complex in design and functionalities, recycling becomes more difficult and the need for further research increases.

The topics in this research theme relevant within the SIM context can be related but are not limited to:

  • Research to improve recyclability of (advanced and complex) materials and products (e.g. photovoltaics, composites, nano materials,…)
  • Substitutions for critical raw materials
  • Extraction and separation techniques for complex and hybrid materials

Just like the other SIM research themes, recyclable materials is linked to efforts and focus on European level:


SIM Theme_Report_Recyclable_Materials.pdf

VITO Clean Vision Summit 18/02/2020

Clean chemistry, waste valorization, energy efficiency, battery management, drone technology, 3D-printing technology, preventive health, artificial intelligence and more: the innovations for making processes and products smarter and faster are appearing at a record rate.

SIM Call 16 - Call for projects

SIM Call 16 is open for project proposals fitting within the framework of any approved and/or running vertical SIM Program (see links below). This is an OPEN Call in 2018.

Call 14 - Call for Projects

This project call aimed at submitting project proposals fitting within the framework of any approved and/or running vertical SIM program. Deadline for submission was May 2nd, 2017. THIS CALL IS NOW CLOSED.

Call 13 - Call for Projects

Call 13 has been closed. 7 projects (3 SBO, 4 ICON) have been submitted and evaluation procedure is ongoing. Decision is expected in October 2016.

Synthetic by nature 02/04/2015

Exhibition "Synthetic by nature", from 2 till 26 april 2015 at Design Museum Ghent. The exhibition is an organised by LUCA School of Arts, the Composite Materials Group of the Materials Department at KULeuven and Design Museum Gent.
Design Museum Ghent


The MaRes Program is about recycling of ‘Materials from solid and liquid industrial process Residues’, and aims at creating and demonstrating an operational, flexible toolbox to recover metals and valorize residual matrix into building materials.

Call 12 - Call for Projects

This project call aimed at submitting IBO (ICON, Cooperatief or Cooperatief-PLUS) and SBO project proposals fitting within the framework of any approved and/or running SIM research program.

Call 11 - "Recyclable Materials"

*CLOSED* This call aimed at starting new vertical programs within the SIM Theme “Recyclable Materials”. Vertical programs are demand driven programs, lead by industry, focusing on a specific long term target and contributing to the strategic goals of SIM.

SIM User Forum 2013 21/10/2013

The annual SIM User Forum was organized 21st October, location Stuurboord in Antwerp. The goal of the event was to bring together the materials’ community in Flanders from an industrial as well as an academic perspective, to facilitate discussions and stimulate further crosslinking of the network.
Stuurboord Antwerpen