last updated 03/01/2019

MOR4MDesign (SBO)

Model Order Reduction for efficient Multi-scale, Multi-parameter, Multi-attribute, Multi-material Design

In a material-by-design approach numerical design tools are indispensable to harness the complex interactions of different parameters on different attributes over the range of relevant material scales. However, current multi-scale simulation methods lead to prohibitively large computational loads for practical design and validation applications. The development of model order reduction methods for the acceleration of these simulations is therefore indispensable for the further advancement of material-by-design applications.

This project therefore aims to develop model order reduction techniques for efficient multi-scale simulation of multiple attributes with a dependency on multiple design and manufacturing parameters. Strength, noise-and-vibration and permeability characteristics will be considered for composites, additive manufactured materials and meta-materials.

Research Program overview

MacroModelMat: Macro-level predictive modeling, design and optimization of advanced light weight material systems.
Vertical Program
Started: 01/03/2014