EIT "RawMaterials" with Flemish partners

The European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) has approved and started up a new "KIC" (Knowledge and Innovation Community) with the focus on raw materials. An extended network of companies, research and educational centers, including KU Leuven, VITO, Umicore, Université de Liège (ULG) and the Centre de Recherche Métallurgique (CRM) are teaming up for this goal. One of the regional expertise centers for raw materials ("nodes") will be coordinated from Leuven.

The EIT is a body of the European Union which stimulates research, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship since 2008. Their main instrument is the KICs (Knowledge and Innovation Communities): cross-boundary communities combining expertise within specific themes. The partners are academia, companies and educational institutes. Since 2011, there were already KICs in the themes climate change, renewable energy and ICT. Starting from 2015, the new KIC on raw materials will start as well. 

On Tuesday 9 December 2014, the EIT has chosen the consortium "RawMaterials" for this KIC, joining together more than 100 partner from 22 European members. The ambitious goal of the consortium is to change the current European dependency on raw materials into a strategic power. One of the regional expertise centers for the new KIC will be in Leuven. Other nodes will be in Wroclaw, Espoo, Lulea, Metz and Rome. The expertise center in Leuven has the following core partners: Umicore, KU Leuven, UGent and VITO in Flanders, in association with partners in Wallonia (ULiège and CRM), the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. This regional consortium will specialize in recycling, urban mining, regaining of metals and minerals from industrial residues, light weight and durable multi-dimensional material design, sea floor mining and circular economy. 

There is a direct link between this KIC RawMatTers expertise center and the SIM research program MaRes.


Prof. Karel Van Acker, Coördinator Leuven-MRC (KU Leuven Materials Research Centre), tel.: 016 32 12 71, e-mail: karel.vanacker@lrd.kuleuven.be 

Prof. Dr. Karl Vrancken, Onderzoekscoördinator VITO Materiaaltechnologie, tel.: 0479 97 90 41; e-mail: karl.vrancken@vito.be

Dr. ir. Simon De Corte, Programma manager KIC Materialen (UGent Techtransfer), tel.: 0472 39 55 80, e-mail: simon.decorte@ugent.be

Dr. Karolien Vasseur, Project Leader Recycling & Extraction Technologies Umicore, tel.: 014 24 57 32, e-mail: karolien.vasseur@eu.umicore.com