Lightweight materials: needs at Flemish OEM's

The following report has been compiled by SIM after consultation with a number of Flemish OEM’s: “Lightweight materials (composites). Needs at Flemish OEM’s”. (“Lichtgewicht materialen (composieten). Noden bij OEM’s in Vlaanderen”)
The document describes the specific needs and requests with respect to the use of composites by the consulted companies.

In a next step, SIM is now approaching the composites sector with this report in order to explore which of these needs can already be met and which developments and partnerships are needed to achieve these.

At the same time, we will also list the needed developments that are not directly related to materials. Our colleagues from Fi-SCH, Flanders’ Make and SLC are involved in order to combine all necessary competences and obtain broad support.

The document itself (in Dutch!) can be downloaded below.

For more information, please contact Geert De Clercq at SIM:

civ_noden_oem.pdf3.87 MB