last updated 13/06/2018

M3Strength (SBO)

The SBO project “M3Strength” is the fundament for all further research in the M3 program and has as objectives to develop efficient predictive CAE modeling for quasi static and fatigue strength and high speed strength (crash/crush) in the meso-macro-scale on a number of selected structural composites material systems.

The project contains the following main work packages:

  • WP1: Efficient predictive modeling for quasi-static & fatigue strength
    Develop efficient multi-scale models to link meso-level damage analysis to macro-level damage analysis for quasi-static and fatigue loading scenarios for complex UD, NCF & textile composites.
  • WP2: Efficient predictive modeling for crashworthiness (crash/crush)
    Development of efficient validated macro-level predictive models, implemented in numerical design tools for: a) damage and failure modeling of composite materials applied under high speed dynamic/impact loading and b) predictive crashworthiness simulations (providing safety and absorbing energy)
  • WP3: Material characterization for Strength
    This WP will serve as key input to the other two WPs that focus on numerical modeling and simulation, by grouping all advanced experimental material characterization (static, dynamic (fatigue) & high speed (crash-crush) strength) tasks in a dedicated work package.

Research Program overview

MacroModelMat: Macro-level predictive modeling, design and optimization of advanced light weight material systems.
Vertical Program
Started: 01/03/2014