Leander Verbelen SIM Flanders

  • Department: Chemical Engineering Sciences, KULeuven
  • Title of dissertation: Towards scientifically based screening criteria for
    polymer laser sintering
  • Promotor: Peter Van Puyvelde
  • co-promotors: Bart Goderis, Paula Moldenaers
  • summary: 

    Additive Manufacturing (AM), popularly referred to as "3D printing", is an innovative and emerging technology for the production of polymer parts. The main characteristic of AM techniques is that parts are produced layer-by-layer, which greatly increases design freedom and manufacturing flexibility. AM is now increasingly being used for the production of end use parts. Currently, one of the most promising techniques to produce such parts is Laser Sintering (LS). However, as with the other AM techniques, there is only limited understanding of the processing of polymers through this technique. As a result, only a handful of polymers are currently available for the process, thereby strongly limiting the progress of this technology in customer markets. Hence, there is considerable interest in expanding the amount of polymer materials for laser sintering. This is therefore the subject of this thesis. 

  • Date of defense: October 2016
  • Full public text can be found via this link