last updated 23/10/2019


The ICON project “HYTHEC” proposes innovations in fibre hybridization aiming at the development of thermoplastic composite materials with a unique combination of lightness, stiffness and toughness (ductility, impact resistance, etc). The project brings together three industrial partners and a university to address challenges in design and production technology of this new class of materials, followed by application development.

HYTHEC will build upon the knowledge available within the Nanoforce program dedicated to the next generation of composite materials. As a whole, the Nanoforce roadmap focuses on innovations in lightweight and multifunctional design of fibre-reinforced polymers. The hybrid composites to be developed in HYTHEC target lightweight design of the final product, combined with an optimal mechanical performance, recyclability potential and a manufacturing route that is suitable for high volume applications. The knowledge previously generated within the Nanoforce program on composites design with thermoplastic matrices and ductile fibres, advanced experimental characterization techniques and modelling tools will be further exploited in HYTHEC for the design of hybrid thermoplastic composites. 

Research Program overview

Next generation nano-engineered polymer hybrids: developing structural composite materials with increased durability, improved recyclability and low weight.
Vertical Program
Started: 01/10/2010
Program manager: Chris Casteele (SIM)