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Polyforce (SBO)

The main objective of the Polyforce SBO project is to identify new polymers suitable for shaping using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS): 95% of all SLS parts are currently manufactured from polyamide 12 (PA12). 

The project has three milestones that serve as a guide to increase the development speed of new polymeric products for SLS:

  • Establishment of a screening methodology to judge whether a given polymer is amenable to SLS processing
  • Production of new polymer powders suitable for SLS processing, including a strategy to recycle the unsintered powder.
  • Development of a robust SLS protocol to process the newly developed powders to achieve high quality parts.


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Research Program overview

The SIM research program STREAM is an acronym for STRuctural Engineering materials through Additive Manufacturing: 3D printing of structural materials by increasing the knowledge base about additive manufacturing of polymers and metals, with emphasis on the material properties.
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Started: 01/12/2013