last updated 21/06/2019


Quantum Dots for On Chip Luminescent Downconversion

In lighting and display technology, Quantum Dots (QDs) can bring the combined benefit of enhanced performance and reduced power consumption, and lead to tailored, spectrum-by-design light sources for special applications. However, a direct transfer of QD-technology to these broader markets faces issues with either performance, stability, cost or composition of the QDs.

The assumption behind QDoCCo is that a shift from a remote to an on-chip phosphor configuration is the key step to square the performance, stability, cost and composition circle for QD-based products.

The general QDOCCO objective translates into a research program that focuses on four aspects:

  1. The formation of novel, Cd-free colloidal quantum dots, offering the prospect of high photothermal stability.
  2. The formation of encapsulated quantum-dot-in-polymer beads, translating latest insights in protection from photothermal degradation into a printable compound.
  3. Opto-thermal modeling of quantum-dot-on-chip light sources, for designing spectrum-by- design demonstrators and outlining required QD specifications.
  4. Spectrum-by-design demonstrators, showcasing the potential of QDOCCO’s QD-on-chip technology to accurately realize light sources with a predefined emission spectrum.

Research Program overview

Solution based processing for printed functionalities
Vertical Program
Started: 01/10/2010
Program manager: Guido Desie (Agfa)