last updated 08/11/2017


SHREC is short for Self-HEaling and REpairing Coatings. SHREC is an ICON project.

The SHREC project looked into the concept of self-healing for coatings both for micro-scratches and for macro-scratches. Micro-scratches are healed using incorporation of microcapsules with a self-healing compound. Macro-scratches are tackled by use of a shape-memory thermoplastic coating system.

Challenges were:

  • Very small size of microcapsules in coatings
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of coating systems and substrates


This project was linked with the SEPOCOM SBO project and the NAPROM SBO project within the SHE program context.


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Research Program overview

Self-healing engineering materials: cementitious, polymeric and coating materials with the ability to heal damage autonomously.
Vertical Program
Started: 01/10/2010
Program manager: Nadine Van de Velde (SIM)